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Review: Soft Cell - Happiness Not Included

Marc Almond has always been candid about his unease about old age and the loss of youth, which is the absolute opposite of Boy George. This mentality is also reflected in the musical compositions when they are in their 60s. Boy George's new music work insists on mature and evolved into "Man George", Marc Almond's angular and enchanting work <Nighthwaks> makes it clear that he does not recognize his old age. The whole body's electronic cells are in agitation, and it is definitely in line with the avant-garde such as <Sex Drwaf>. 




Japanese Street artist Yoshi47@Affordable Art Fair

Born in Gifu prefecture, Japan pop and street artist Yoshi47 (b. 1981) began experimenting with graffiti art in Japan before moving to California, USA in 2001 to pursue an art career. He spent four years in the Bay area doing live painting and participating in both solo exhibitions and art events. While living in San Francisco, he discovered a small group of avid bicyclists and became a bike messenger. It was through his experience as a courier that he found his essence of life and the conceptual basis for his art to become a full-fledged street artist




Don't Waste Your CDs at Digital Era - Ikea Hack for CD Display

Find your old passion to music at 90s and don't let them go away. Try IKEA BERGENES Holder for mobile phone/tablet and SMÄCKER Cutlery tray to show these beautiful tiles at your home even you don't play it often. 




Mellow: The Unmarried Flower Shop Owner Finds True Love

The new film Mellow, by Japanese Director Rikiya Imaizumi and starring by Kei Tanaka, is another Japanese film and TV Drama, about the phenomenon on Japanese young men who deny to love. 




Oscar 2020: Why Parasite ?

A hint of Korean painful history and philosophical discussion about Existentialism, the film suddenly deep dive in the social issue with brutal attitude. To describe poor rich conflict happens in daily lives without boredom and even turns it into thriller drama, Bong Joon Ho is real master.



Sammo Hung: Heroism? Leave it to Jackie Chan

Hong Kong Martial Art Actor Sammo Hung @HKIFF43 2019 - about his long years in film industry with different role, joking on Jackie Chan and HK movie future