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Japanese Pop and Street artist Yoshi47@Affordable Art Fair


文、圖: J 12 contemporary art by jason


Mural works by the artist



Born in Gifu prefecture, Japan pop and street artist Yoshi47 (b. 1981) began experimenting with graffiti art in Japan before moving to California, USA in 2001 to pursue an art career. He spent four years in the Bay area doing live painting and participating in both solo exhibitions and art events. While living in San Francisco, he discovered a small group of avid bicyclists and became a bike messenger. It was through his experience as a courier that he found his essence of life and the conceptual basis for his art to become a full-fledged street artist.

Yoshi47 paints humorous monster characters inspired by the Japanese hit TV series 'The Laughing Salesman' by Fujiko A. Fujio, which tells the story of a salesman named Moguro Fukuzo, whose job is to help people fill gaps in their souls (mostly greed). In reality, he often ruins the lives of his clients if they do not follow his strict instructions or if they betray his trust. The colourful, animated monsters that Yoshi47 draws, is his representation of the main character. The monsters are laughing at us by looking down at human beings, but at the same time, these monsters are the mirror of who we really are. Dark colors in Yoshi47's mixed media paintings represent the gaps in human souls, while vibrant brighter colors represent hope for human beings. It's like a Ying Yang balance in a painting.

When not painting murals, Yoshi47 paints his playful images of monsters using Aerosol paint, air brush, acrylics, and water color on paper, canvas or wood panels.

Yoshi47 currently lives and works in Aichi Prefecture, Japan where he can trail bike ride, surf, and snowboard. He is involved in art curating, illustration, collaborative projects, mural painting, and continues to exhibit his artwork abroad, in countries such as America, France, Australia, China, Mexico, Taiwan, and Sweden.

J 12 will present his works at the upcoming Affordable Art Fair, Hong Kong, from August 4 - 7, 2022. 




"The World in the Sky"
2022, Water Color and Pigment Ink on Water Color Paper, 50 x 50 cm




"From the Present to Elsewere 01 - detail"
2022, Works on Canvas, 91 x 72.7 cm




日本流行和街頭藝術家 Yoshi47(生於 1981 年)出生於岐阜縣,在 2001 年移居美國加利福尼亞從事藝術事業之前,開始在日本嘗試塗鴉藝術。他在灣區花了四年的時間進行現場繪畫,並參加了個展和藝術活動。在舊金山生活時,他發現了一小群狂熱的自行車愛好者,並成為了一名自行車信使。正是通過他作為快遞員的經歷,他找到了自己的生活本質和藝術的概念基礎,成為一名成熟的街頭藝術家。

Yoshi47 描繪了幽默的怪物角色,靈感來自不二子 A. Fujio 的日本熱播電視劇“笑的推銷員”,講述了一個名叫 Moguro Fukuzo 的推銷員的故事,他的工作是幫助人們填補心靈的空白(主要是貪婪)。實際上,如果客戶不遵守他的嚴格指示或背叛他的信任,他經常會毀掉他們的生活。 Yoshi47 繪製的色彩繽紛的動畫怪物是他對主角的表現。怪物通過俯視人類來嘲笑我們,但與此同時,這些怪物也是我們真實身份的鏡子。 Yoshi47混合媒體繪畫中的深色代表了人類靈魂的鴻溝,而鮮豔的明亮色彩則代表了人類的希望。這就像一幅畫中的陰陽天平。

不畫壁畫時,Yoshi47 使用氣溶膠顏料、氣刷、丙烯酸樹脂和水彩在紙、帆布或木板上畫出他俏皮的怪物形象。

Yoshi47 目前在日本愛知縣生活和工作,在那裡他可以騎自行車、衝浪和滑雪板。他參與藝術策展、插圖、合作項目、壁畫,並繼續在美國、法國、澳大利亞、中國、墨西哥、台灣和瑞典等國家展出他的作品。

J 12 將於 2022 年 8 月 4 日至 7 日在即將舉行的香港 Affordable Art Fair 上展示他的作品。