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Flow : 5月25至29日 會展 Art Central


文、圖: jason /sveinn contemporary art 




jason /sveinn contemporary art presents FLOW at Art Central, Booth B22

Presented by jason /sveinn contemporary art, "Flow" examines the use of flow and movement in the unique art, artistic practices and aesthetics of artists Pang Yongjie (China), Kan-Zan-Loc (Japan), Toshio Iezumi (Japan), Yosuke Miyao (Japan), and Hotaru Visual Guerrilla (Spain).

For thousands of years, the concept of flow has been a subject of philosophical discourse. The ability to enter the creative flow – the mental state of being completely present and fully immersed in their art – separates the exceptional artist from a merely good one. Flow also plays an important part in the artistic voice of an artist. Whether it's in the paint as it moves upon the surface of the canvas, in the movement portrayed in the work, the shape of a sculpture and or the way the audience experiences digital art.

In his Mirror Flower and Summer Garden series of works, Pang Yongjie (b. 1968) chooses a minimalist approach, using a limited palette of oil paints applied thickly with a few sparing strokes to not only portray Tang dynasty ideals of beauty but to reflect the core principles of Zen Buddhism, to go with the flow, living life in harmony with the natural order of things.

In keeping with Japanese painting traditions, Kan-Zan-Loc (b. 1964) paints with pigments made of ground lapis lazuli, malachite, and azurite, as well as powdered gold and silver in his new Zen Series.





"Eclipsis Lunae-Eclipsis Solis" by Kan-Zan-Loc, Gold and Silver powder coated with Titanium, Lapis lazuli, Malachite, Azurite, on Canvas mounted on handmade Wood Panel

Toshio Iezumi's (b. 1954) sculptures flow and undulate without the introduction of heat. Rather the elegant elongated glass sculptures in the Move and Projection Series are created by fusing layers of sheet glass together in a cold-glass process using an ultraviolet curable adhesive which are then hand ground to create the desired form. The layers of glass become a prism reflecting and refracting light, giving Iezumi's sculptures an emerald green hue.

Yosuke Miyao (b. 1972) is a Japanese glass artist who creates glass sculptures using the warm glass method. Like the pieces in the Drapery Series, sheets of float glass are heated repeatedly, then slowly bending with his hands with the aid of special equipment and the gravity into the desired three-dimensional flowing shapes that resemble the artist's design and vision.

Hotaru Visual Guerrilla is an independent creative studio for digital art and design. Founded by Ander Ugartemendia and Jone Vizcaino, their new work under development for presentation at Art Central, will use the imagery of botany and the natural world to explore the intersection between science, nature, and technology, expressing this in digital imagery that transforms, flowing fluidly from state to state allowing the viewer to generate new interpretations about the living world.

jason /sveinn contemporary art
Space 414 A, PMQ, 35 Aberdeen Street,
Central, Hong Kong

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