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HK Martial Art Actor Sammo Hung: Heroism? Leave it to Jackie Chan

Text : Edgi + Content: HKIFF |2020.7.30


Hong Kong Martial Art Actor Sammo Hung @HKIFF43 2019 - about his long years in film industry with different role, joking on Jackie Chan and HK movie future




HKIFF: You are a multifaceted filmmaker, director, actor, producer, action director, everything is versatile. Do you have your favorite position?

Sammo Hung: In fact, I like many positions, but depending on the situation, if there are often troubles, I just want to be an actor. If you enjoy movies and have ideas for everything, you must be a director. In all industries, I think it is the best to be a director. There are so many situations - 400 people or 800 people in a scene. People have to listening to your instructions and scolding, there is only as director. Many things are difficult to control if you are not a director. Even if I am a martial arts director, I only deal with the person responsible for martial arts. If I want that actor to do this, I don’t have the right to say it. If I want the actor to develop in a certain direction, I have the right to talk only when I am a director, because the director is the soul of the whole movie, things that I can't usually do can be added to the movie, so I still like to be a director. Moreover, the pay of being a director is also higher.

Presenter: No matter how much the film is paid, we all know that Sammo has done a good job in different positions, and more importantly, you are willing to spread the fire. Knowing that in recent years, Sammo has given many opportunities to new actors. In addition to giving job opportunities, what else can be grown for the younger generation?

Sammo Hung: In fact, I give all opportunities to others always, not from now. After the first film directed by me, I have been giving opportunities to others. Most of the scenes I filmed are a lot of them, and many actors play together. I am not heroic. Heroism, leave it to my subordinate Jackie Chan (Sammo Hong is the elder mate at their Kung Fu Circle). It used to be easy for me to give them opportunities, but now it is more difficult. What to do with the newcomer? I don't know what to do. Because in Hong Kong, it is difficult to launch a movie. There is no work at all, so how to give people a chance. Hong Kong films should continue to be passed on, and the next generation and new talents can add their own new generation elements to create a new generation of films. I really hope to combine my many decades of experience-sweet and bitter, must be sour on the set, and the film must be sweet, because we are going to sweat, bleed, and fracture, but you leave the set when you are done. Your achievements will be seen in the theater in the future, and the audience will love them, you will succeed, and everything will be sweetened in your heart. But now I just hope that the 43rd anniversary of the Hong Kong International Film Festival, and another 43 years, it seems that I still have a chance to see "the seven small blessings", the 60th anniversary, I said I will encounter to the second 60th anniversary. But I hope to pass on all the movies and performing arts along the way. Movies are indeed a good entertainment. I really hope that Hong Kong films can continue to be passed on. I hope that more people will support Hong Kong films. Then we will be better tomorrow. Thank you everyone.