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傳奇樂隊 Teenage Fanclub 首度來港演出



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從90年代獨立搖滾時期橫空出世,到千禧年代強勢回歸再到近年全面嘗試不同音樂風格 – 成團就快30年的Teenage Fanclub經歷11張大碟及2張合輯的悠長音樂生涯,永遠充滿活力,始終青春斑斓。作為樂迷最鍾愛的英國獨立搖滾樂團之一,Teenage Fanclub永遠像那個美好得讓人心動不已的少年。



Teenage Fanclub曾為傳奇唱片公司Creation Records的要員之一,在影響後世深遠的C86獨立搖滾運動中脫穎而出,深受60、70年代搖滾影響,歌曲兼有琅琅上口的旋律、諧和的歌聲及爽朗有力的吉他。1991年的經典專輯《Bandwagonesque》公認為90年代最好的專輯之一,同時使樂隊聲名大噪,是一代樂迷青春歲月不可或缺的一張作品。《Bandwagonesque》甚至在1991年擊敗Nirvana的《Nevermind》還有U2、R.E.M.及My Bloody Valentine等響噹噹的名字,被權威音樂雜誌Spin 選為年度最佳專輯。Creation Records同門手足Liam Gallagher 更大讚他們為「世上第二好的樂隊」(當然僅次於Liam自己的樂隊Oasis )! 

緊隨《Bandwagonesque》出版的《Thirteen》(1993)雖然遭受不少批評,樂隊期間也經歷了成員的更替,但Teenage Fanclub很快就收拾心情重整旗鼓,陸續出版了無論是銷量及口碑都極成功的專輯《Grand Prix》(1995)及《Songs From Northern Britain》(1997),奠定了樂隊的地位。多年來,Teenage Fanclub創作力不斷,新近出版,2016年的專輯《Here》依然保持魅力,大受外界讚賞。





場地: The Vine





YourMum presents: Teenage Fanclub, live in HK

First ever local show for Scottish indie-cult heroes

For fans of: Big Star, Neil Young, Sonic Youth, The Beach Boys

YourMum is exploding with joy to announce that indie legends, Teenage Fanclub, will be making their long overdue live debut in Hong Kong on Feb 1 at The Vine.   

From their formation in the late 80’s through their eleven studio LPs and two compilations, Teenage Fanclub have gone from scrappy indie underdogs, through band-most-likely-to, eventually arriving at the status they’ve held ever since: one of Britain’s most beloved cult bands. Not liked, or admired, or respected: beloved. 

One of the marquee Creation Records artists of their time, their label mate Liam Gallagher famously called them the “Second best band in the world” (after Oasis of course).  It was their third LP and first on Creation - 1991’s ‘Bandwagonesque’, which shot the group to a truly global audience.  Melding vocal harmonies with walls of guitar, they found their voice combining the songwriting quality of classic 60s and 70s rock and pop with the devil-may-care charm of the C86 Scottish indie scene they sprang from.  Critically acclaimed, ‘Bandwagonesque’ beat Nirvana’s ‘Nevermind’ to be named Spin magazine’s No 1 album of 1991 (also beating out U2, R.E.M. and My Bloody Valentine in the process).

The criminally underrated ‘Thirteen’ followed in 1993, before their two biggest LP’s ‘Grand Prix’ (1995) and ‘Songs From Northern Britain’ (1997) cemented their place in the top alternative echelons with both critical and commercial chart success.  Continuing their recorded output with 2000’s ‘Howdy!’ and through three more albums to their most recent release in 2016 with ‘Here’, the Fannies (as they’re affectionately known) have remained a timeless, cherished and adored favourite amongst fans throughout.  

Finally, local Hong Kong fans will have the chance to catch this revered group live, for one night only. 

Tickets are on sale now: ticketflap.com/tfc


Show details:

YourMum presents: Teenage Fanclub

Date: Feb 1, 2019

Venue: The Vine

Tickets: HKD490 from ticketflap.com/tfc


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